Sponsorship at the Apache County Fair is a great way to reach thousands of potential customers. Attendance at the Apache County Fair surpassed 15,000 visitors last year for the four fun-filled days of exhibits, animals, crafts, food, entertainment, carnival and some of the most popular attractions of the Fair including, the Mutt Show, the Horse Show, the entertainment and the animal sales.

The Apache County Fair exists to provide a family event reflecting the past, showcasing current accomplishments and looking to the future of the county’s best resources – its youth, agriculture and communities.

The goal of the sponsorship program is to improve the overall quality of the Apache County Fair experience through increased investment in entertainment and facilities, while providing the Sponsor ample visibility and recognition.

If you would like to make a donation different than those listed, please visit our Personal Donations page.  We welcome donations of any size, because this event couldn’t happen without your help!

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