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Special Rules:

1.  Only Apache County 4-H members in good standing may exhibit.

2.  Entries must have been carried as a 4-H/FFA project by the exhibitor during the present club year and must be the work of the exhibitor.

3.  Where applicable, trophies will not be awarded unless the winning entry is of blue ribbon quality.

4.  Except where listed otherwise, 4-H/FFA entries will be entered and judged the same time as open classes and must meet the same requirements.

5.  To enter the Arizona State Fair, entry forms must be mailed to the Director of Entries, Fairgrounds, PO Box 6728, Phoenix, AZ 85005-6725. Please check with the 4-H Office for the entry deadline for the general 4-H exhibits.






DUE BY 4:30 PM


August 27, 2012



General 4-H/FFA


Premiums: Blue-$3.00, Red-$2.00, White-$1.00.


1.  FFA Record Book

2.  First Year Record Book

3.  Second year and up—Junior

4.  Second year and up—Senior

5.  4-H Secretary’s Book

6.  Booth Exhibit by 4-H Club with 4-H theme

7.  Individual Exhibit, project connected theme


NOTE: 4-H Record Books MUST be turned in for judging by 4:30 p.m., Monday, August 27, 2012


Special Rules:

Arizona National Livestock Show awards

$100.00 cash award to the top 4-H exhibitor;

To be determined by the number of projects

entered, placing in the projects and record book.

Record book must be entered in the record book division for judging in order to be

eligible for this award.



4-H Garden


Premiums: Blue-$3.00, Red-$2.00, White-$1.00.

The work done in the 4-H project must match the entries in each lot.


1.  Best collection of


2.  Green Beans (1 quart)

3.  Beets (5)

4.  Broccoli (1 pound bunch)

5.  Cabbage (flat, 1 head)

6.  Carrots (5)

7.  Cantaloupe (1)

8.  Casaba (1)

9.  Cauliflower (1 head)

10. Celery (1 stalk)

11. Chili, Red

(String 4 ft. closely strung)

12. Chili, Green,

(String 4 ft. closely strung)

13. Chili, Red (5)

14. Chili Green (5)

15. Corn, Sweet

(6 ears, shucked)

16. Cucumbers (6)

17. Honeydew (1)

18. Kohlrabi (5)

19. Lettuce (1 head)

20. Okra (5)

21. Onions (5)

22. Parsley (bunch)

23. Parsnips (5)

24. Peas, green, in pod

(1 quart)

25. Peppers, bell green (5)

26. Peppers, bell, red (5)

27. Pumpkin, with stem (1)

28. Pumpkin, miniature (1)

29. Rutabaga (3)

30. Squash, summer (3)

31. Squash, zucchini (3)

32. Squash, crookneck (3)

33. Squash, straight neck, (3)

34. Squash, banana (1)

35. Tomatoes, green (5)

36. Tomatoes, red (5)

37. Tomatoes, miniature,

green (5)

38. Tomatoes, miniature,

red (5)

39. Watermelon (1)

40. Sunflowers (1)

41. Garlic (3)



4-H Floriculture


Premiums: Blue-$3.00, Red- $2.00, White-$1.00.

The work done in the 4-H project must match the entries in each lot.


1.   Asters, 3 stems

2.  Calendulas, 3 flowers

3.  Chrysanthemums,

3 flowers

4.  Cosmos, 3 flowers

5.  Dahlias, 3 flowers

6.  Gladiolus, 1 stem

7.  Hollyhocks, single, mixed or one color

8.  Marigold, 3 stems

9.  Nasturtium, 3 stems

10. Pansies, 3 flowers

11. Petunia, 3 flowers

12. Rose, Floribunda, 1 stem

13. Rose, Miniature, 3 stems

14. Rose, any other, 3 stems

15. Shasta Daisy, 3 flowers

16. Snapdragons, 3 stems

17. Sweet Peas, 3 stems

18. Zinnia, 3 flowers



4-H Poultry and Rabbits


Premiums: 1st-$3.00, 2nd-$2.00, 3rd-$1.00.


Special Rules:

1.  As in other 4-H projects, only members who have cared for poultry and rabbit projects this year in an organized club can enter. All others will enter in the Open Class.

2.  Each 4-H exhibitor must have a different animal or project from the previous year.

3.  Each 4-H exhibitor may show in any or all lots as long as they show a different animal or project for each lot.

4.  ALL projects must be pure breeds. NO mixed breeds.

5.  All rules and judging will be done according to ARBA standards.

6.  Each 4-H exhibitor must wear a white shirt, green tie and any color of pants or slacks for the 4-H Rabbit and/or 4-H Poultry Shows.

7.  Showmanship lots will be divided by age groups as follows:

a.  9-13 years of age is a junior

b.  14-19 years of age is a senior (14 as of January 1 of current year)

8.  The first and second place rabbits in Lots 1, 2, 3, & 4 will compete for the overall Grand and Reserve Champion.


4-H Rabbit


1.  Commercial Male

2.  Commercial Female

3.  Fancy Male

4.  Fancy Female

5.  Junior Rabbit showmanship

6.  Senior Rabbit Showmanship


4-H Chicken


1.    1.  Cock, male, one year and older

2.  Cockerel, male under one year

3.  Hen, one year and over

4.  Pullet, under one year

5.  Ornamental

6.  Trio

7.  Showmanship—all exhibitors may enter; only one (1) chicken to be shown

8.  Eggs—one dozen, large

9.  Eggs—one dozen, medium

10. Eggs—one dozen, small


NOTE: The rules and lots for 4-H Rabbit and 4-H Poultry are different than in the Apache County Fair Premium Book. Please follow these lots and guidelines when completing your 4-H entry Form and competing at the fair.


4-H Club Rules for

Rabbit and Poultry clubs.


1. Animals must be purchased by April 1 and receive an ear tattoo by June 1.

2. It is recommended that each exhibitor obtain at least two rabbits per class.

3. Each meeting needs to be pre-approved by the 4-H office.

4. Chickens must be obtained by April 1 and leg banded by June 1.



4-H Clothing


Premiums: Blue-$3.00.

Red-$2.00, White-$1.00.


The work done in the 4-H Project must match entries in each lot.

The 4-H department will not be responsible for the delivery of prizes or for loss or damage, or return of any exhibit, but careful attention will be exercised.

All exhibits in this department will be judged on the Group systems, with the Blue Group, Red Group, White Group and No Award Group being determined at the discretion of the judges.

Premiums are paid only from the records of the judges’ book.

Ribbons, tags, or cards have no value as to payment.


Division “A 4-H” – Clothing

Club members enrolled in Clothing may enter in more than one lot providing they do not enter more than a total of 4 lots. Add “k” to lot number for knit fabric. Attach card explaining new learning as a result of construction of the garment.



Clothing I



1c.  Book caddy, tote bag

2c.  Skirt, short, sleeping pants—no zipper, no pockets

3c.  Pillow

4c.  Constructed fashion accessory

5c.  Apron


Clothing II



6c.  Vest—unlined

7c.  Shirt or blouse—no collar

8c. Simple dress, Jumper or jumpsuit

9c.  Skirt, shorts, pants with set-in pockets

10c. Skirt, short, pants with waistband & closure


Clothing III



11c.  Outdoor accessory from polar fleece or wool (hat, mittens or scarf)

12c.  Shirt or blouse with collar

13c.  Skirt, shorts, pants with waistband, Pockets and zipper

14c.  Jacket, unlined


Clothing IV



15c.  Vest, lined

16c.  Dress, jacket, pants—lined

17c.  Two piece outfit

18c.  Dress—any style


Clothing Connections



19c.  Tailored garment—must be at least 60% natural fiber (wool, linen)

20c.  Three piece coordinated outfit

21c.  Formal wear—any style.

22c.  Other garments using specialty fabric (velvet); complex design; embellished fabric

23c.  Educational exhibit related to project learning





24.  Quilting—household


25.  Quilting—appliqué

26.  Quilting—tied item

27.  Quilting—article of


28.  Quilting—bedding

(quilts, pillows)

29.  Quilting—groups article

30. Quilting—Any other




Wearable Art


4-H Club members may enter no more than two items per lot.



31.  Embellished T-shirt

32.  Embellished sweatshirt

33.  Earring

34.  Button Covers

35.  Necklace/bolo

36.  Painted tennis shoes

37.  Hair ties

38.  Recycled garments

39.  Painted T-shirt

40.  Painted sweatshirt

41.  Other



Fashion Revue


Premium: Blue-$3.00, Red-$2.00, White-$1.00.


1.  Clothing, Junior

2.  Clothing, Senior

3.  Wearable Art





Premium: Blue-$3.00, Red-$2.00, White-$1.00.


The work done in the 4-H Project must match the entries in each lot.

Quality of Foods Exhibits:

Each food item entered should be of high quality

standards and attractively

prepared. The judge can disqualify any product in this

class that does not reach 4-H Food standards. Any product not meeting specifications will be exhibited only.

Entry Information:

Food exhibited in Meals for Today, Food with an International Flavor, Teens Entertain, Self-Determined Project and Cook and Have Fun Outdoors and any foods included in educational exhibits MUST NOT contain perishable fillings for toppings such as: creams, egg, custard, meat, meat and vegetable combinations, etc. Attach to each food entry a 3×5 card stating the primary nutritional contribution of the food to the body. The card must include the name of the product and the exhibitor’s number. The exhibitor’s number is very important. It will be helpful if the entry tags are stapled to the plates of food.


Foods I



1F.  Drop cookies (3 of one kind)

2F.  Rolled cookies (3 of one kind)

3F.  Bar cookies (3 of one kind)

4F.  Brownies (3)

5F.  Skillet balls (3)

6F.  Muffins (3)

7F.  Cornbread (3)

8F.  Biscuits (3)

9F.  Educational poster about personal fitness project.

10F. Favorite Food Show


Foods II



11F. Cinnamon rolls (3)

12F. Bread sticks (3)

13F. Tortillas (3)


14F. Coffee cake (1/2 cake)

15F. Quick bread (zucchini, banana, Pumpkin) ½ loaf

16F. Yeast bread, plain, white or whole wheat (1/2 loaf)

17F. Yeast bread, sweet dough (1/2 loaf)

18F. Raisin bread (1/2 loaf)

19F. Educational poster showing personal fitness project

20F. Favorite Food Show


Foods III



21F.   Cake, frosted (at least ½ cake) w/ fruit, vegetable or whole grain

22F.   Sponge Cake

23F.   Pound Cake

24F.   Pastry, fruit pie

25F.   Educational poster showing personal fitness project

26F.   Favorite Food Show



Foods IV & Advanced Foods



27F.   Favorite Food Show

28F.   Educational poster about 6 months Fitness plan and project

29F.   Educational including menus, recipes, pictures and nutritional information of 3 meals

30F.   Baked good with less than 6g.fat per serving. Please include nutritional information.


Food Preservation

Foods IV



31F.   Canned fruits

32F.   Jams, jellies

33F.   Canned vegetables

34F.   Canned meats

35F.   Pickles and relishes

36F.  Dried fruit or vegetable

37F.   Dried fruit leather

38F.   Dried meat


Microwave Cooking

Foods V



39F.  Breakfast ring

40F.  Bran muffins

41F.  Bar cookies

42F.  One dish brownies

43F.  Cake



Foods V



44F.  Breads

45F.  Cakes

46F.  Pancakes, quick breads

47F.  Pies

48F.  Pastries




Shooting Education


Premiums: Blue-$3.00,

Red-$2.00, White-$1.00.


NOTE:  Exhibitor must be enrolled in the 4-H Shooting Education Project for the 2011-2012 4-H Club year.



1.   Rifle, Junior

2.   Shot Gun, Junior

3.   Muzzleloader, Junior

4.   Pistol, Junior

5.   Archery, Junior

6.   Hunting, Junior

7.   Rifle, Senior

8.   Shot Gun, Senior

9.   Muzzleloader, Senior

10.  Pistol, Senior

11.  Archery, Senior

12.  Hunting, Senior



Dog Obedience


Premiums: Blue-$3.00, Red-$2.00, White-$1.00.


1.  Agility

2.  Obedience

3.  Other




4-H Plastic Models


Premiums: Blue-$3.00,

Red-$2.00, White-$1.00.







Beginning Models,

1st year



1.  First model

2.  Second model

3.  Third model


Beginning Models,

2nd year



1.  First model

2.  Second model

3.  Third model


Beginning Models,

3rd year



1.  First model

2.  Second model

3.  Third model


Advanced Models,

1st year (senior)



1.  First model

2.  Second model

3.  Third model


Advanced Models,

2nd year (senior)



1.  First model

2.  Second model

3.  Third model






Advanced Models,

3rd year (senior)



1.  First model

2.  Second model

3.  Third model



Miscellaneous and

Educational Exhibits


Premiums: Blue-$3.00, Red-$2.00, white-$1.00.


This division has been created so that there is a place for exhibits of 4-H Project work from new projects areas, and in projects where there are small enrollments. There is a limit of one exhibit per lot in the division. All 4-H members MUST have projects during the 2011-2012 club year in lots in which they exhibit.



1.  Dog or pet

2.  Vet science

3.  Home environment

4.  Entomology

5.  Camp Projects

6.  Arts and Crafts

7.  Rockery

8.  Robotics

9.  Educational Exhibits



Scrapbooking Art


Premiums: Blue-$3.00, Red-$2.00, White-$1.00.


1.  Large album

2.  Small album

(8”x 8” and under)

3.  Independent

4.  Paper creation

5.  Non typical

6.  Other




4-H Photography


Premiums: 1st-$3.00, 2nd-$2.00, 3rd-$1.00.


Special Rules:


1. Must be the work and property of the exhibitor.

2. All prints must be ready for hanging.  Pictures should be framed and or matted.  A wire or string strap should be attached firmly to the back of the frame or matt in such a manner that it will hang on a pegboard hook.

3. All entries must be in between 3pm-6pm on Wednesday.

4. Only one entry per lot.

5. Differentiation between digital pictures and film pictures will not be made.


Black and White



1.   Scenic

2.   Portraits (candid & posed)

3.   Still Life & Creative Setting

4.   Flowers

5.   Pets

6.   Wildlife

7.   Western-Action

(cowboy, rodeo, etc.)

8.   Sunrise – Sunset

9.   Snow & Water

10. Americana

(history, buildings, etc.)

11. Landscapes

12. Photo Poster

13. Other





1.   Scenic

2.   Portraits (candid & posed)

3.   Still Life & Creative Setting

4.   Flowers

5.   Pets

6.   Wildlife

7.   Western-Action

(cowboy, rodeo, etc.)

8.   Sunrise – Sunset

9.   Snow & Water

10. Americana

(history, buildings, etc.)

11. Landscapes

12. Photo Poster

13. Other




DEPARTMENT  “N”  4H / ffa livestock

1.  This is a market livestock program.  The expectation is that an animal is market ready at the day of auction.  All market animals must be predominant meat characteristics and come from a recognized meat animal breed.




3.  To be eligible for the 4-H/FFA Livestock Show and Sale all market animals MUST be owned by the exhibitor and tagged on or before the following dates: Market Steer – April 3, 2012.  Market Lamb, Swine, Goat – June 2, 2012


4.  Each member may tag more than two (2) animals of each species and may show all in the market class for which they are eligible.  If two animals are in the same weight class, another Apache County 4-H/FFA member may show the other animal.  Whenever possible, members must show their own animal.  Only one animal of a species per member may be sold through the sale.  Additionally, a member is limited to selling two animals through the sale with each animal being a different species.  They must meet weight requirements and receive a red or blue ribbon in the market class.



Lamb:  110-160 (Dry Weight)            Swine:  220-290             Beef:  1,000+

Goat:  70-110 (must have milk teeth)


6.  Records must be kept by the 4-H’er itemizing all costs, returns, starting and final weights.  The 4-H Record Book must be submitted to the Apache County 4-H Office by August 27, 2012.


7.  To ensure all buyers are purchasing a finished quality product at a premium price, an announcement will be made during the auction regarding animals that are not market ready.


8.  If the judge deems that an animal is not market ready the livestock committee, seller or buyer will:

– designate a feeding location.

– purchase feed for the designated time period.

– have feed and maintenance cost deducted from member’s

livestock check.


9.  Only those animals receiving a red or blue ribbon will be sold.  No white ribbon animals will be sold as they are not in market condition.  Only animals that meet the market weight requirement will be allowed to participate in the market class.  All 4-H project animals can participate in showmanship regardless of the animal’s weight.


10. Sale order will be determined by the Livestock Committee.


11. Parents, 4-H exhibitors and project leaders will serve as a committee to advertise and enlist buyers for the Apache County Jr. Livestock Auction.  Marketing the finished project is part of the learning connected with animal projects.


12. There is a 5% deduction or a minimum charge of $15.00, whichever is more, for every animal sold, to cover expenses.


13. Each 4-H and FFA member is a representative of the livestock program and should dress accordingly for the show and sale. The dress code for both events is a white shirt or blouse, 4-H green tie or scarf (optional) or FFA jacket. Color of jeans is optional but should be clean and without holes, not worn low or baggy. Shoes should be closed toe.


14. No steer, lamb          or goat will be weighed in at check in time without proper inspection papers. All swine must be inspected by livestock inspector within 15 days of purchase. Swine that originate from a certified facility will have proper ear notches. Swine obtained from non-certified herds must have a negative pseudorabies test results on file at the 4-H Office to unload at the fairgrounds.


15. Any animal that has gone through the sale may not show at another show, unless arrangements are made prior to the sale with potential buyer.


16. Apache Bred and Fed animals are bred and fed in Apache County.


17. Every 4-H & FFA member must hold a current Livestock Quality Assurance Certificate prior to exhibiting their livestock project at the Apache County Fair and the Arizona State Fair. Certification is good for three years.


18. An exhibitor is allowed to show any of his/her animals tagged and shown in that exhibitor’s name for the showmanship class. Exception: Exhibitor’s animal dies prior to the show—exhibitor may show another exhibitor’s animal.


19. It is strongly recommended that Senior 4-H members clip, groom, and shear their livestock animals. It is strongly recommended that Junior 4-H members be present while their animal is clipped, groomed and sheared.


20. In 2012, it is strongly recommended that a 4-H member raise and show a lamb, hog and/or goat prior to raising and showing a steer for the first time. Safety of the 4-H member and all other 4-H members in the wash area and show arena is a major concern.


21. A beef manageability sifting committee will assess each steer at the April tagging, by mid July 2012, and during the official weigh-in during the Apache County Fair.


22. An exhibitor must show his/her animal in the market show in order to sell in the auction. If a legitimate conflict arises, an exhibitor may allow another exhibitor to sell their animal at the auction. An exhibitor may miss the auction only one time.


25. Round Robin Showmanship Format: The junior (senior) champion showman of each specie will represent that specie in the junior (senior) round robin showmanship contest. A showman will represent the specie in which he/she qualifies for first. All four (beef, sheep, swine, and goat) showman will show the same specie at the same time. An exhibitor may win the round robin more than once.








4-H/FFA Breeding Cattle


Premiums: 1st-$5, 2nd-$3, 3rd-$2.



1.  4-H/FFA entries duplicate lots in Open Class Registered, adding the term  “4-H/FFA”

2.  Replacement heifer, grade or commercial yearling



4-H/FFA Market Steers


Premiums: 1st-$5, 2nd-$3, 3rd-$2.



1.  Junior beef showmanship

2.  Senior beef showmanship



4-H/FFA Beef



Premiums: 1st-$5, 2nd-$3, 3rd-$2.


Judging based on care, fitting, training, showmanship, conduct in the show ring and cooperation with fair officials.



1.  Market steer

(1000 lbs and over)

2.  Prospect steer

(under 1000 lbs)

3.  Apache County Bred

and Fed Steer





4-H/FFA Breeding Sheep


Premiums: 1st-$5, 2nd-$3, 3rd-$2.



1.  Market lamb

(110-160 lbs dry weight)

2.  Prospect lamb

(under 110 lbs)

3.  Apache County Bred

& Fed Market Lamb




4-H/FFA Market Lambs


Premiums: 1st-$5, 2nd-$3, 3rd-$2.


(need not be registered)

Lambs in this class may not be shown in the breeding class.



1.  Junior sheep showmanship

2.  Senior sheep showmanship



4-H/FFA Sheep



Premiums: 1st-$5, 2nd-$3, 3rd-$2.


Judging based on care, fitting, training, showmanship, conduct in the show ring and cooperation with fair officials.



1.  Pen of three lambs

2.  Ram lamb, under 1 year

3.  Ram, over 1 year

4.  Ewe lamb, under 1 year

5.  Ewe, over 1 year



4-H/FFA Breeding Goats


Premiums: 1st-$5, 2nd-$3, 3rd-$2.



1.  Goat, 2 years and over

2.  Goat, over 1 year and

under 2 years

3.  Kid, under 1 year



4-H/FFA Market Goats


Premiums: 1st-$5, 2nd-$3, 3rd-$2.


1.  Market goat (70-110 lbs)

2.  Prospect goat (under 70 lbs)

3.  Apache County Bred and

Fed Goat



4-H/FFA Goat



Premiums: 1st-$5, 2nd-$3, 3rd-$2.


Judging based on care, fitting, training, showmanship, conduct in the show ring, and cooperation with fair officials.


1.  Junior goat showmanship

2.  Senior goat showmanship




4-H/FFA Breeding Swine


Premiums: 1st-$5, 2nd-$3, 3rd-$2.



1.  Boar, over 1 year

2.  Boar, under 1 year

3.  Sow, over 1 year

4.  Gilt, under 1 year



4-H/FFA Market Swine


Premiums: 1st-$5, 2nd-$3, 3rd-$2.


Market swine will be divided in equitable weight slots.

Barrows and gilts are eligible for this class



1.  Swine (220-290 lbs)

2.  Prospect swine

(under 220 lbs)

3.  Apache County Bred and

Fed Swine



4-H/FFA Swine



Premiums: 1st-$5, 2nd-$3, 3rd-$2.


Judging based on care, fitting, training, showmanship, conduct in the show ring and cooperation with fair officials.



1.  Junior swine showmanship

2.  Senior swine showmanship