ANYONE removing exhibits before 6:00 pm on Saturday, or not picking up exhibits at all, will forfeit any premium ribbons and money!!!

Exhibits must be entered and recorded with the Secretary of the proper department according to the following schedule:


1. All exhibits shall be prepared to conform to the special regulation of the proper department.

2. Exhibitors can pick up their exhibits from 6:00 to 7:00 pm on Saturday.

3. Every exhibit must be labeled and identified on forms provided by the fair.

4. Regardless of the number of entries in a given lot, the judge has the discretion to award number and type of ribbon based on quality.

5. All judges will be selected by the Fair Manager and approved by the fair commission. The placing of the judges will be final.

6. Commercial organizations and others requiring exhibit space must arrange with the Fair Manager for available space.

7. The Fair Commission will take every precaution to ensure proper care and protection of exhibits, but will accept no responsibility for loss and damage to any exhibit or person.

8. Exhibit owners will be responsible for transportation of exhibits to and from the Fair.

9. Any items not listed for competition will not be judged nor a premium given, however are welcome to be displayed.

10. Competitive exhibitors must be a resident or Post Office Box holder in Apache County except for the Registered Beef Class, which is open to all Arizona residents. The Open Horse Show is open to all Arizona residents and New Mexico residents within 150 miles of Apache County.

11. No Group Entries.

12. No exhibitor may enter more than one entry in any one lot, with the exception of Horses and Registered Beef Cattle.

13. All Exhibits, except livestock, can be exhibited only in the year the item is completed or produced.

14. No Grand Champion awards will be made unless there are at least three entries.

15. The American System of judging will be used in all departments. This means there will be only one blue, one red, and one white ribbon awarded on each lot, with accompanying premiums, with the exception of 4-H Club, (which awards under the Danish system) and the Open Horse Show.

16. When there are three or more entries of one variety in an ‘Any Other Lot’, a new lot may be created by the department chair.